Social Democracy, Ideological Change, and the Global Crisis: Lost Opportunity or Business as usual?

Dr. Yohann Aucante frá Félagsvísindastofnuninni í París talar á opnum
fundi Alþjóðamálastofnunar og EDDU öndvegisseturs, um hvaða mögulegu
breytingar kunna að hafa átt sér stað á stjórnmálaflokkum í Evrópu í
kjölfar efnahagshrunsins. Fundurinn fer fram mánudaginn 21. febrúar í
Lögbergi 101, frá kl. 12 til 13. Allir velkomnir.

On Monday the 21st of February, Dr. Yohann Aucante, Lecturer-Researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris, will give a public talk titled “Social Democracy, Ideological Change, and the Global Crisis: Lost Opportunity or Business as usual?” The talk will take place in Lögberg, room 101, at 12-13pm.

Yohann Aucante

What can trigger real ideological and programmatic transformation in modern social democratic parties or what can explain the lack thereof? After a long succession of various electoral defeats, leadership shifts, and in the wake of a global crisis of financial capitalism, one can wonder what is needed for such change to take place or what prevents it, be it the mere and tragic lack of new great ideas.  The lecture will reflect on this issue with a focus on the three cases of France, Great Britain and Sweden, where social democratic parties exhibit quite different trajectories but seem to be now confronted to similar challenges of renewal that are representative of the predicament of the European left. The objective will not be so much to offer alternative political visions but rather to study some of the processes of change and continuity in parties.

The talk is hosted by EDDA – Center of Excellence in collaboration with the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland.