Croatia on its path towards EU membership: some experiences and lessons learned in the accession process


Visnja Samardzija Croatia has entered the final stage in the negotiation
process on EU membership and expects to conclude the remaining chapters this
year. During more than five years of negotiations the country has made strong
progress but some difficult issues in judiciary reform, market competition and
other areas require additional efforts.

The lecture will give an answer to questions
such as: What are the experiences in negotiations with the EU based on the new
methodology? How to address open issues in the most difficult chapters? What
can be expected after the accession? What role will the Croatian accession have
for the region of South-eastern Europe? How
strong is the public support for the EU accession?


Dr. Visnja Samardzija is the Head
of the European Integration
Department at the Institute for International Relations, IMO, in Zagreb, Croatia.


The lecture
is held in English and is open to all.