Ný útgáfa! Death of an Institution: The end for Western European Union, a future for European Defence?

The Western European Union, a little-known European defence organization that handed over its main tasks to the EU’s European Security and Defence Policy in 2000, is to be finally closed down this June. In a paper published on 3 May by the Egmont Institute at Brussels, Alyson Bailes, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Iceland, together with a British military co-author – asks why this has happened, and what signals it sends for the future of European defence. The study is designed as a self-contained guide to WEU’s life, death, achievements and failures, but it also touches on many larger issues of European integration, US-Europe relations and the destiny of NATO.

Hér má nálgast greinina.

Alyson Bailes