NBSS Workshop in Reykjavík

NBSS Economic Workshop at Nordic House, Reykjavík
Economic Challenges-Smallness, Strategy, Solutions? 

On Friday, November 18th, the IIA, in cooperation with Nordic and Baltic universities and institutions held a full day seminar (exploratory workshop) at the Nordic house. It was an eventful and interesting seminar where our guests from the Nordic/Baltic partner schools and institutions addressed the current challenges facing the small states of the Nordic/Baltic region with special emphasis on the policy fields of economy.

This seminar was the first of three seminars, which will be held over an 18-month period, focusing on economy, security and identity. This is a 2 year project and is funded by the joint committee of the Nordic research councils for the humanities and social sciences (NOS-HS) with the participation of scholars from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The next workshop focusing on security issues will be held in Stavanger, Norway next spring.

The keynote speakers were Gylfi Zöega, Professor of Economics, UI and Baldur Þórhallsson, Professor of Political Science, UI. Our participating partners came from the Baltic States, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Norway and Sweden.