Small States and the European Migration Crisis

International Conference 12-13 December at the Nordic House in Reykjavik

The European migration crisis is a crisis that has tested the resilience and institutional structures of small states. At this international conference renowned scholars in small state studies present their research for the forthcoming book “Small States and the European Migration Crisis: Challenges and Responses”, attempting to provide a comprehensive comparative account of European Small State’s choices and strategies in dealing with this international crisis. How have small states coped with the crisis in terms of policy, resources and focus?  What have been the constraints and advantages of small scale? And how can small states become better equipped, domestically and externally, to deal with crises in the future?

The conference is organised by the Centre for Small State Studies and is part of the Erasmus+ co-funded research project „Navigating the Storm: The Challenges of Small States in Europe (NAS)”.