Dr David Suzuki in Iceland! Saturday 1st October

RIFF and the University of Iceland were honored to host the world-renowned documentary film maker, TV program director and environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki, former professor at the University of British Columbia, as honorary keynote speaker on Saturday October 1st 2011.

In the seminar WHAT CAN WE DO?  Dr Suzuki addressed the question of why the general public and the authorities are so reluctant to respond and take proper environmental action, in spite of ample evidence of the urgency  to do so.
Dr. Brynhildur Davidsdottir, environmental economist and head of the University graduate program on Environment and Natural Resources, opened the discussion following Dr. Suzuki´s lecture, while Dr. Gudrun Petursdottir, Director of the Institute for Sustainability Studies, chaired the seminar.

The seminar was hosted by RIFF, the Institute of International Affairs, and the Institute for Sustainability Studies, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this year.

The seminar took place at the University of Iceland, lecture hall HT 105 in the University Square, on Saturday October 1st 2011, at 16:00.

RIFF also showed the film “Force of nature: The David Suzuki Movie”, in the same hall prior to the seminar, at 14:00.