The Wider Impact of the Euro Crisis – open lecture by Andrew Cottey

The current economic and financial crisis in Europe affects first and foremost the countries in the Euro-zone, but it raises many serious issues about the future of the European Union as a whole. It draws attention to the major differences that still exist, not only between the economic conditions in various EU countries, but also in their political culture and attitudes to each other.  What will be the longer-term outcome – a Europe that has learned the lessons from its mistakes and found ways to draw closer together, or a permanently divided and weakened continent? What does this mean for Europe’s place in the world and its relations with other major powers? Dr. Andrew Cottey, Jean Monnet Professor of European Affairs at University College  Cork in Ireland, gave an open lecture,Wednesday November 21 in the lecture hall at the National Museum. His powerpoint presentation is available here.

Andrew Cottey