Intended Results

An English-language edited volume on the history of small states in international relations, with the explicit aim of creating a methodological foundation for a new history of small states in international relations and demonstrating its uses. Selected authors of the most innovative papers of the workshop II and III will be invited to reflect on the key methodological concepts of this project. We will seek to place this synthesis with a major academic publisher, such as Routledge or Palgrave MacMillan, or a leading journal such as The International History Review, taking into account NWO guidelines on open access. The supervisor, assisted by (one of the) the Amsterdam core members, will be principally responsible for the editorial process.

Three workshops (I-III), each featuring a total of eight core members of the network and up to seven invited external partners, to operationalise the core concepts of the network’s shared methodology and introduce historical case studies to test and refine them.

One workshop (IV) featuring the core members to finalize the volume and grant proposals mentioned below.

The supervisor, assisted by the Amsterdam core members, will oversee the finalization of the Horizon2020 grant application on Small State Studies. This grant application, based on the reformulated hypotheses tested at the various workshops, will aim to expand the scope of our approach to small state research beyond Europe and beyond the scope of foreign policy.

This project website which will disseminate the core concepts, methodologies and findings of Getting the Big Picture on Small States to a wide (academic) audience. The website will contain information on the participating institutions and members, details on the workshops, papers that have been delivered at the workshops, aregularly updated blog by the project coordinator, and links to relevant online resources.