The project is co-ordinated by members of the Modern History Research Group based at the Humanities Faculty of the University of Amsterdam and supervised by Dr Samuël Kruizinga.  Other partners come from Aarhus University, University of Iceland, University of Auckland, University of Seville.


The Modern History Research Group, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Dr Samuël Kruizinga is an expert on the history of neutrality and the interplay between domestic and external factors in foreign policy, evidenced by a large number of publications in peer reviewed journals and academic surveys.

Dr Vincent Kuitenbrouwer has published extensively on the colonial history of the Netherlands, a small country with a big empire. His latest work is on the Dutch international information services of the late colonial period and during the age of decolonisation.

Dr Rimko van der Maar is an expert on the history of Dutch diplomacy and foreign policy, in particular during the Cold War era. His most recent book is a biography of the Dutch top diplomat and senior negotiator during the Dutch-Indonesian decolonization war Herman van Roijen.

Dr Ruud van Dijk is an international relations history expert focusing on the Cold War era. His research currently focuses on the Dutch role in NATO during the late Cold War.

Dr Frank Gerits Frank Gerits focuses predominantly on Africa’s international history. His research currently focuses on the African perceptions of the European Integration process.


The Department of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr Casper Andersen (History of Ideas) has published extensively on science and technology in international and imperial contexts. He currently researches relationships between internationalist and nationalist ideologies in UNESCO focusing particularly on the role of small states.

Dr Karen Gram Skjoldager (History) is an expert on international organisations in the 20th century. She has written extensively on the ways in which European countries (particularly Denmark) have pursued national interests in international organisations.


The Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies, University of Iceland

Prof Baldur Thorhallsson, Professor of Political Science and Jean Monnet Chair, Faculty of Political Science, and Programme and Research Director of the Centre for Small State Studies.

Prof Gudmundur Halfdanarson, Professor of Contemporary History, University of Iceland. Prof. Gudmundur has published extensively on social history, the history of political ideas and the history of nationalism.

Dr Ragnheidur Kristjansdottir, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Institute of History at the University of Iceland. She has published works on political history, nationalism and democracy .

Pia Hansson, MA, Director of the Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies. Pia has extensive experience in coordinating research projects, organizing academic seminars and conferences and publishing.


The Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Maartje Abbenhuis is Associate Professor at the History Department of the University of Auckland. She is a leading historian of neutrality and internationalism in the period 1815 – 1919. Her latest book, An Age of Neutrals. Great Power Politics 1815 – 1914 was released by Cambridge University Press in 2014 and won a Choice Outstanding Academic Title award. In 2018, Dr Abbenhuis will be visiting fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in Amsterdam.


The Department of Contemporary History, University of Seville, Spain

Dr Carolina García Sanz is Associate Professor at the Department of Contemporary History of the University of Seville. She has participated in a range of competitive Spanish and international research programs dealing with Spanish foreign policy strategies. She also authored several books and articles on neutrality in the South of Europe during the First World War (including 12 articles published in peer-reviewed journals). She heads the Cultural Studies Network on Conflict and Identities; partnering with Latin American universities including the University of Buenos Aires, she currently researchers the roles of myths and competing discourses in Spanish and Latin American foreign policy.