About the strategic partnership

The participants in this strategic partnership were all chosen based on their unique and exceptional academic standing in the field of small states and European integration. Most of them have participated in previous projects with the CSSS, including student and teacher mobilities, research cooperation, publications and international conferences. The specific expertise of the partners jointly creates new cross-border and cross-sectoral synergies fostering the development of the field at the European level.


Image result for centre for small state studies iceland The Centre for Small State Studies is based at the University of Iceland. It is the coordinator of the project and manages the work carried out by the consortium. It is one of the leading research centres in the world focusing on small state studies and has extensive experience in similar projects.




Image result for copenhagen university University of Copenhagen has a long-standing relationship with the University of Iceland and has participated in similar projects with the CSSS. It has developed extensive knowledge in the field of small states, particularly focusing on foreign policy, security issues and governance.


Image result for tspmi logoVilnius University specializes in the foreign policy and economic security challenges of small states. Its expertise will play a foundational role in developing TRT 1. The university’s participation will include hosting an ISP and providing teachers for the two summer academies in Reykjavik.


Related imageTallinn University of Technology is a leader in the field of small state governance and entrepreneurship. Its primary focus in the project is within TRT 4 where it provides teachers for the two summer academies in Reykjavik and for the ISP held in Ljubljana.



Image result for lund university european studiesLund University has a long tradition of advanced research in the fields of International Relations (IR), Foreign Policy Analysis, and European Affairs. It has incorporated a small state angle to its research that this consortium will benefit immensely from.



Related image University of Ljubljana holds expertise in the governance of small states and the challenges they face due to lesser capacities of their public administration. Recently its research has especially focused on the challenges small administrations encounter due to the ongoing migration crisis in Europe.



Related imageQueen Mary University of London was specifically recruited to the partnership because of its unique expertise in the legal issues facing small states. The university recently established a Centre for Small States that focuses on the legal issues facing small states. Queen Mary’s expertise is vital to this project, particularly in developing TRT 3.


Image result for st andrews logoUniversity of St. Andrews is a world-leading institute in IR and is increasingly interested in focusing on the field of small state studies. Its broad scope of expertise will be key in providing a bridge between TRT 1 and 3.



Image result for university of malta logoUniversity of Malta offers the Southern European perspective to the consortium, presenting the view of a small island state dealing with various challenges such as increased immigration and refugee numbers.



Related image University in Bratislava is the highest quality university in Slovakia. It has carried out various research projects on small states in Europe with a special focus on public diplomacy and foreign policy. Its expertise will be key in linking together TRT 1 and 2.